What is the Right Food to Feed a French Bulldog?

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We want to make sure our French Bulldog Tink had the best food possible. I’ve been doing some research on the popular dog food brand Science Diet because that’s what our breeders were feeding Tink as well as the brand our Vet recommended. Since we posted a blog regarding Science Diet we have gotten many negative feedback, so we decided to dig a little further. Besides finding out that Science Diet has by-products in it, I have also read that the only reason why vets recommend Iams and Science Diet is because the two companies help put them through veterinarian school and are the ones who publish the textbooks they use while in school. The company that provides the vets with these textbooks, research labs and information is The Hill’s Company, which coincidently happens to be the makers of Science Diet.

I also read it is not recommended to trust vets when it comes to nutrition because vets spend very little time on nutrition while in school (some vets don’t spend any time on it whatsoever) and just aren’t qualified to render a good judgment as to what’s good and what’s bad. This is why people need to go to sites like Mordanna’s Dog Food Project (http://www.dogfoodproject.com/) and research for yourself as to what’s good and what’s bad. Or check out Ashley’s Pets Dog Food Info(http://ashleyspets.com/DogFood.html) for juicy veterinarian diet info.

I spent hours surfing through the Dog Food Project and found some very interesting reads about different dog food brands and the veterinarian politics around them. I also discovered an ex-veterinarian journalist named Charles Danten. He pretty much exposes all of the unethical veterinarian nutrition practices and how vets make money off brands like Iams and Science Diet.

Here’s the twist. Tink’s Parents are some of the healthiest adult frenchies we’ve ever seen. They have a good bill of health and have never had any problems. And when we got Tink, she appeared and acted as healthy as a French bulldog pup can be. And they eat Science Diet. hmmm… maybe all this controversy is a myth. It seems the more and more we research anything in the puppy world the more we realize that everyone has a different opinion, the question is who do we believe? Perhaps different brands work better for different dogs, I guess in the end as long as your dog is healthy and happy thats all that matters.

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