Tink Caught a Mouse and Tore It Up! (Literally)

17 December on Dog Food, Featured   Tags: , , ,

Disclaimer: Video is nasty. (So nasty, even Lisa wont watch it.)

So I heard some ruckus on the side of the house. It sounded like Tink got in a fight with a coyote or something. So I ran around the house and guess what I found…

Tink ripping apart a rat (or a mouse)! I was shocked. So shocked I had to start recording what I was seeing so Lisa could see. Turns out Tink was fast enough to catch a rat. I was surprised. But not that surprise considering how much quicker she is than Chubs.

After awhile of recording it, I thought, maybe I shouldn’t be letting her eat a fresh rat. So I had to end the video and pull her away.

Check out the video. Notice how she’s putting the guts aside but eating everything else. Yuck!

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