Ruby Louis – Frenchie Friday Featurette #4

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This week’s Frenchie Friday Feauturette is Ruby Louise. Ruby Louise is a 1 and a half year old pied French bulldog owned by a fellow internet marketer named Tony Hoover.

Ruby is an awesome Texas girl that loves the outdoors.

Here a snippet of what Tony has told us about Ruby.

I work during the week in Dallas and usually take off to the lake on Fridays with Ruby. She loves to be outside. She is very easy going and calm and always has been. She can be a little hard-headed when she doesn’t want to mind me but that’s pretty typical.

(sounds like Tink… Easy Going, Hard-headed)

We’ve seen many pictures of Ruby. Lisa and I immediately thought that she was one of the cleanest dogs with the nicest coat we have ever seen. Come to find out it’s because Ruby’s uses a dog shampoo from the Cain and Able Collection, a local Texas dog grooming company. (More about that in our future post; How to Clean a Frenchie)

Here are some pictures of Ruby Louise.

Ruby - French Bulldog Ruby - French Bulldog Frenchie Painting

Ruby - Frenchie

That colorful portrait of Ruby was done by another pet lover named Rebecca Lansdowne. Rebecca is a very creative artist that can make any cute picture of your dog cuter.
Check out her work at

We forgot to mention that Ruby has a boyfriend named Tank.

She loves to go to the lake and ride in her golf cart. Pictured are Ruby and Tank her English bulldog boyfriend.

Here’s a couple picture of these 2 love birds chilling in their favorite place in the world.

French Bulldog and English Bulldog Frenchie and English Bulldog

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