Mini PetSmart French Bulldog Meetup

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Today we took Tink on her first trip to PetSmart. At first we were reluctant to take her to a Pet store however we were told on a previous visit that we were able to bring her in and could even get her started on training classes. Apparently all the puppies as well as adult dogs in training classes are required to show medical records to prove that they are up to date on all their shots. We still are not sure if training classes are okay though please provide us with any input you can on when to start her, we thought we had to wait till all vaccinations are complete at 5 months, and our Vet recommends 3 months. We still held her the whole time to keep her safe. She had a ball exploring all the toys and looking at everyone. The employees and customers all turned their heads to get a peak at cute little Tink, we really felt like the proudest parents in the world. As I was walking through the store I peaked into the training class and saw another frenchie puppy. Immediately I yelled for James to come, this was the first Frenchie puppy we had ever seen in person besides Tink’s litter mates. The owner of the Frenchie saw Tink and was also excited to see another Frenchie puppy. Turns out her Frenchie is a 5 month old French Bulldog named Goose. He had fawn coloring and was absolutely adorable, it was amazing to see some sort of an idea of what Tink will look like in a few months. After discovering that Goose was up to date on all his shots and that it was ok for Tink to play with him we couldn’t resist the temptation to introduce the little Frenchies.

French Bulldogs - Goose and Tink French Bulldog - Goose Training French Bulldog Meetup 2 French Bulldogs

Tink loved having a real life friend, they were reluctant of one another at first but soon started playing and wrestling together. It was so great to watch Tink interact with another Frenchie, even though she was considerably smaller than Goose she still tried to hold her own. As the puppies played we got to know Goose’s owner and trade Frenchie stories with her. She told us that they are trying to teach Goose to roll over now but he doesnt like being on his back much, we laughed cause it seems that Tink’s favorite position is her back. Its funny that all Frenchies are the same in so many ways but yet they all have their own distinct personalities. We had a great day and of course managed to get Tink even more toys to add to her collection. We truly understand the word spoiled when we look at our little French Bulldog.

Shortly after this video, they finally started to play with eachother. Gotta Love Frenchie Puppies!

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