Ingrid Silva and Her French Bulldog Frida Kahlo

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NEW YORK, NY – June 22: Dancer Ingrid Silva takes part in a photo shoot of dancers in their bedrooms for the Arts section of the Huffington Post in New York on Wednesday June 22, 2016. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)

Ingrid Silva is a professional ballet dancer at the Dance Theater at Harlem in New York. This picture of her and her brindle french bulldog was found at The Huffington Post in an article/gallery titled; Intimate Photos Take You Inside The Bedrooms Of NYC’s Ballerinas.

With a little research we were able to find out that the french bulldog in the picture is actually her frenchie and her name is Frida Kahlo.

Here’s a video of puppy Frida on her first day home with Ingrid & her man.

I’m willing to bet that they love Frida so much and Frida loves them even more.

What do you think of the picture??


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