How Do I Make Sure I Become My French Bulldog’s Favorite??

17 October on Tips and Advice  

We know that French bulldogs are loving dogs and that they are great with people. We’ve also heard that they are great with kids, their owners and other animals as well. But there is one thing we’ve heard (and read) that is adding a little drama to our lives. It is that frenchies pick a favorite. We’ve only had our French bulldog puppy for a week now and we both already feel Tink has picked her favorite (well, kinda). The first day, it was me. Tuesday through Thursday it was Lisa and now it seems like she’s back to liking me more.

We both have our own strategies to winning the battle of ‘Tink’s favorite companion’. Sometimes Lisa and I do rock-paper-scissors or make up some deal on feeding our little frenchie. We sometimes think she likes whoever feeds her the most. We also fight over who should give her the treat when she goes pottie or who should drive, so tink can be on the other person’s lap. I’m telling you, it seems like Lisa and I compete all day to be Tink’s favorite. The only thing we can distinguish so far is that when she wants to play, she is all about me, however when she wants to cuddle she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. When she wants to cuddle and snuggle up to someone all she wants to know is where Lisa is.

I’ve tried researching how to become the French bulldog’s favorite, but all I can find is that frenchies would rather play with humans over others dogs and other webpages about frenchie owners and their favorite things to do.

The problem is I don’t know how to determine which one of us is her favorite or how  I make sure I become her favorite.

Is it whoever takes her out to pottie and rewards her? Or is it who feeds her? Perhaps it’s the first person to come through the door when she has been left home alone? How about who plays with her in the morning? I just hope it’s not whoever cuddles with her the most, because Lisa has me beat in that category.

If anyone has any tips and advice, we’ll greatly appreciate it.

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