Grading Your French Bulldog’s Food

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While looking for the best food to feed our little Frenchie Tinky, we found this great French Bulldog Meetup post titled “How to Grade Your Dog’s Food“. It’s a fantastic post that implements a point system to grade your dog’s food. We decided to put the 3 foods we’ve been giving Tinky to the test. After going through the test ourselves, we found the list of foods that have already been graded. Here’s how the puppy food we’ve tried measured up against each other.

Science Diet Puppy – 80

Looks like Science Diet looses in everything. Not only does it contain by-products and a non-specific animal meat. It contains 2 types of corns, soy bean and salt. However, they did receive extra points for being supported by a nutrition group (The Hills Company) and for having beet pulp.

You may already know how I feel about Science Diet based on my previous post; What is the Right Food to Feed a French Bulldog.

Nutro Maxx Puppy – 84

We loved Nutro because we were sold by the PetSmart/Nutro sales lady. We had a big bag of Science Diet in our cart when she showed us how to read ingredients and things to look for. Mainly she told us to avoid by-products. Now that I think about it, she didn’t even know what a french bulldog was, however we were very naive and ready to learn whatever we could.

Nutro Maxx lost many points on the French Bulldog Meet up grading system as well. They lost points for not having a specific meat (poultry fat). They had 2 of the same grains and lost a little more points for corn and wheat. But they did get 3 points for also containing beet pulp.

 Avoderm Puppy – 105

Lisa’s favorite fruit is the avocado and her main concern was having a healthy dog with a shiny coat. Luckily for Avoderm they claimed to give dogs shiny coats and it contains avocados from California. Avoderm only lost points for having 2 of the same grains. The problem is that both of those grains are too high on the list as if they are a majority ingredients. Avoderm did receive points for having fruit, oatmeal and herring meal also. Avoderm is a premium dog food just short of enough protein for a frenchie puppy.

Tink really loves wet Avoderm. But, this test was on the kibbles and we discovered that the wet food has even less protein then the kibbles. Being that protein is the most important part of a French Bulldog’s diet we have decided Avoderm is also not for Tinky.

Dang, off to more puppy food research…



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