Frenchie Tink Does Not Support Puppy Mills

15 May on Breeders   Tags: , , ,

We started this blog to gain knowledge on raising our French bulldog Tink so we can give her the best life possible. But what many people including ourselves did not understand/acknowledge was that the type of life your Frenchie has could be determined before your puppy’s parents are even born. And half the battle to raising the perfect French bulldog is obtaining a french bulldog closest to the AKC standard.

We stirred up some bad BYB vs reputable breeder blood by calling ourselves “helping our breeders” by writing a couple post to help them sell Tink’s siblings. (We’re just really nice like that and wanted to help them out since they were so nice to us.) Come to find out that our breeders never even had to post the pennysaver listing in the first place. Through the reputation of their dogs’ good health and the breeder that artificially assimilated Tink’s parents, our breeders were able to get their dogs sold right away. Seems like our blog may have done more damage than help. The fact is, the only French bulldog bought through the internet was Tink, ours. So, I guess it was meant to be.

We acknowledge that we went about buying Tink in a very unrecommended way. We can justify why buying our French bulldog from our breeders was a great decision since we love her so much and they were so good to us however we also realize the controversy our actions have caused. WE DO NOT REGRET BUYING TINK. However, our next dog will for sure come from a reputable breeder orrescue network.

This is exactly why we started this blog. We are learning more about frenchies and dogs in general than we could have ever imagined.

Over the next few days, we will be deleting everything that makes this blog seem like it supports Puppy Mills and BYB’s. Because, WE DON’T. Believe us, we did not know that we were damaging the canine species when performing link exchanges with sites like puppy dog web and Oh! puppy dog directory (just to name a couple).

So, hopefully now we can get back to writing informative blogs and asking informative frenchie questions, so we can show everybody how awesome our little frenchie is doing. Trust us, we have many questions…

Honestly, We would like it if one of the our recent advisers could help us put together a much betterbreeder page than the one we have now. This blog is ranking on the first page of Google for terms like “frenchie puppies in riverside”, “california frenchie breeders”, etc. Even though we can’t provide queries with frenchies, we can provide them with information in helping them obtain a French bulldog the best way possible.

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