We found our french bulldog breeder by pure luck

We have inquired with many breeders from Miami to Missouri to California. All of the breeders we have encountered just didn’t give us the sense of comfort and warmth we received from movalfrenchies. We were either told to send money via western union and our puppy would be shipped, or we were told to call back in a month when the next liter came in from who knows where. We have asked to see the puppies before they were ready to go home with us but our requests were all shunned.

Once we decided to further research breeders, we discovered we were looking in all the wrong places. Through our research we determined we needed to find a reputable breeder, however all of the reputable breeders we came across had long waiting lists or required co-ownership for showing or breeding purposes. We were not about to share Tink with anyone!

We were about to give up on our search when we ran across an ad in the LA Pennysaver and the rest is history. We honestly feel it was fate and could not imagine buying a puppy any other way then from a loving family. We feel so comfortable with the constant care and love that Tink is getting before she comes to our home and we know we will have a long relationship with movalfrenchies and they will continue to be around for any questions we may have in the future. We also loved the relationship they had with the parents of Tink( Boogey and Maya ). Boogie and Maya weren’t just two dogs that were set aside for breeding purposes, they truly were a part of the family and were treated with all the love and care we hope to give Tink one day.

Finding a French Bulldog Breeder

Finding a frenchie breeder is actually very easy. Finding a good one is a whole other story. If you would like some really good breeder tips, check out what Paul Han had to say on our Post “We really wanted Tink; our Frenchie“.

  • Make sure you can verify that the frenchies’ parents are AKC registered. If the parents are registered in the AKC, you can verify it.

  • Check the Breeders References. The AKC is a good place to find references. Most breeders on the internet don’t have references because of the way they run their businesses. They’re usually brokers waiting on shipments from other countries with papers of old dead dogs.

  • Avoid Puppy Mills at All Cost! Many sick dogs and French bulldogs with fake papers come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are cruel companies that produce/interbreed more and more Frenchies each year for the sole purpose to make money. Read more about what goes on in puppy meals at

  • Be prepared for rejection. Many reputable Frenchie breeders are all about improving and showing French Bulldogs. Most will not sell a frenchie to someone that wants to spay/neuter their dog and have full ownership. Some will only sell you the dog if you sign a contract saying you will spay/neuter your dog because they feel they should be the only ones breeding the dogs. Breeders are no fun either way. You may still get rejected because you’re a first time dog owner. At least, that was another excuse a breeder gave us. Frenchies are a special dog that requires hard work and knowledge. This is the main reason why reputable breeders are very picky about where they will be sending their loving pups.

  • Be patient. Frenchies are rare dogs with long waiting lists. As soon as you find a reputable breeder, get on their list immediately. Some list can take 2 to 3 litters before you can pick one out.

If you are looking for a good French bulldog breeder, the best recommendation we can give you is go to the AKC Classifieds. You can find any breeders with available AKC registered frenchies in your area.

Good Puppy Purchasing Reads

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