First Time Dog Owners of a French Bulldog

16 May on Tips and Advice  

As some of our blog readers may already know, we are first time dog owners and of a French Bulldog. We started this blog in hopes to gain knowledgeable information regarding raising a Frenchie. So far, we have learned more than we could ever imagine. There is so much to learn about raising a little Frenchie and we discover new tips every day. From health issues, weight issues, snoring, housetraining, puppy hood to adulthood. There is just so much to learn. We are extremely grateful for all the tips and advice we have received so far.

The tips and advice provided on this blog come from Frenchie owners, veterinarians, breeders, French Bulldog books, websites and all kinds of other various sources. As previously stated we are first timers, all these tips are simply the advice and tips of other animals lovers just like you and I.

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