Pound Cake AKA Chubs is an AKC French Bulldog champion in the making. Coming in at 5 lbs 6 oz., he is about to experience the best frenchie life possible. Or perhaps it is us who will be experiencing the best Frenchie life possible. Not only is he going to be put through top notch training and receive professional groomings, he will also be spoiled rotten.

French Bulldog Treat French Bulldog Puppy First Night in Bed

Our original intention for getting another French bulldog was so Tinkerbelle could have a companion to play with by day and a buddy to snuggle up with by night. However after receiving much controversy on our previous breeder choice, we decided to research more about frenchies and were determined to get the best Frenchie possible. Not that we have any regrets whatsoever regarding Tink she is our best friend and has brought so much joy to our lives, we just decided this time to get a frenchie the French Bulldog Club of America recommended way. We spent months searching for Chubs, however I always had it set in my head on who I wanted to get our next French bulldog puppy from. Lisa tried to sway my decision and desired a frenchie closer to home but my mind was set.

My mind was set on getting our next frenchie from Harriette Cameron in Phenix, Alabama. Google her, you’ll see that she’s been championing French bulldogs since the 80’s. Chub’s grandpa is a very prestigious dog Ch Hillbully Hustler (Eddie). Google him too. Mrs. Harriette said that Pound Cake is the spitting image of Eddie; shape, head, attitude and all. Like I said, we wanted to go with the best, so why not pick the 1st breeder on French bulldog Club of America’s breeders directory page Harriette Cameron? Harriette has real life experience raising and breeding champion French bulldogs. I asked Harriette specifically for a dog that can show, champion and be champion sired. Harriette has championed dogs at 7 months. She’s been to Westminster. She’s the president of the Columbus Kennel Club, a member of the South East French Bulldog Club and much, much more. Who better to receive advice from and to trust than Mrs. Cameron herself?

Harriette Cameron and Our French Bulldog Puppy

“This is the best male. I’m not keeping him because I’m keeping his full sister. This is the problem, he is out of Tommy, which is full of Champions but he never finish his Championship. He is out of Haley, whose mom is Ch Cam’s Treat or Treat and Ch. Hill bully Hustler. I still have a good male out of the Champion, if you want a Champion sire male, both available but this is the best.”

I trusted Mrs. Cameron’s advice. But I am so new at all of this that I still wanted to verify it. I’ve been staying in touch with Michelle of Mt. Bliss French Bulldog since we first got Tinkerbelle. She has been a great mentor to me and I’ve learned a lot from her regarding showing French bulldogs. So I sent her some pictures of Chubs and asked her for her opinion of him. Here’s what she had to say…

“He’s got a beautiful head and expression. The bone looks good, too. I think you have a good chance at a show dog here. In short, Grab that puppy and run!

Remember when I told you that champion-sired is not necessarily the key? Going back to such a substantial dog as Hillbully Hustle says he has the potential to be a very nice boy. This is a case of her having duplicates. Remember when I said breeders part with dogs for all kinds of reasons? She has other “hims” so she doesn’t need him in her breeding program. Otherwise, she’d keep and show this boy, I betcha.”

So now, we have 2 awesome French bulldog breeders who expressed that Chubs looks like he has a chance in the ring. Since Chubs is a pet first, then a show dog second, he will get pampered more than he will train (for now). Keep following to track Chub’s Journey to championship!

Thanks Harriette for Chubs! Thanks Michelle for Your Advice!

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Here Comes the Cutest French Bulldog Puppy Ever French Bulldog Getting to Know New Home

Our French Bulldog Chubs

Oh yeah, Tink wanted me to remind y’all that it’s still her blog and all about her. We will also be blogging soon about bringing another french bulldog puppy into the equation and all the trials and tribulations Tink is going through having to share her attention, food toys and domain.

Videos of Chubs and Our Other Frenchie Tink

Day 1


Day 2



Day 3


Just after 3 days the tables are beginning to turn.

It’s starting to look like we need to start training Chubs not to be so tough. At the rate he is going, by time he is Tink’s size, he’s going to be man (dog) handling our little girl.