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Craigslist + Dog Owners = Puppy Love

22 November on Featured, Tips and Advice

Raising Puppies Tips I just wanted to send out a thank you to all the people that have responded to my craigslist post regarding our new puppy Tink. For some...

Can I Take Our 4 Month Old French Bulldog to the Beach?

16 November on Tips and Advice

James is going out of town and I’m going to a charity Bochi Ball tournament in Del Mar this weekend. The tournament takes place at the dog beach portion of...

How Do I Make Sure I Become My French Bulldog’s Favorite??

17 October on Tips and Advice

We know that French bulldogs are loving dogs and that they are great with people. We’ve also heard that they are great with kids, their owners and other animals as...

First Time Dog Owners of a French Bulldog

16 May on Tips and Advice

As some of our blog readers may already know, we are first time dog owners and of a French Bulldog. We started this blog in hopes to gain knowledgeable information...