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Tink Caught a Mouse and Tore It Up! (Literally)

17 December on Dog Food, Featured

Disclaimer: Video is nasty. (So nasty, even Lisa wont watch it.) So I heard some ruckus on the side of the house. It sounded like Tink got in a fight...

What Did You Get in Your BarkBox?

27 November on Dog Food, Featured, Toys & Treats

If you don’t already know about BarkBox, you should give it a try. It’s a monthly surprise box of goodies for your dog delivered right to your doorstep. Even though...

What is the Right Food to Feed a French Bulldog?

06 October on Dog Food

We want to make sure our French Bulldog Tink had the best food possible. I’ve been doing some research on the popular dog food brand Science Diet because that’s what our breeders...

Grading Your French Bulldog’s Food

23 May on Dog Food

While looking for the best food to feed our little Frenchie Tinky, we found this great French Bulldog Meetup post titled “How to Grade Your Dog’s Food“. It’s a fantastic...