Can I Take Our 4 Month Old French Bulldog to the Beach?

16 November on Tips and Advice  

James is going out of town and I’m going to a charity Bochi Ball tournament in Del Mar this weekend. The tournament takes place at the dog beach portion of Del Mar. Our french bulldog puppy Tink is 4 months old now and is up to date on all of her shots, we have one last shot to go and that is her rabbi shots and then she is fully vaccinated. We have already begun taking her to this park we go to all the time that allows dogs and she plays well with other dogs and loves the social interaction. I am wondering if I could bring her to “Dog Beach” in Del Mar.

Up till now we have been cautious to take her to any exclusively “dog beaches” or “dog parks” for fear of infestation of sick dogs left behind on the grass or sand. I feel that a beach is a little different than a dog park because the waves are always breaking and re-circling the sand. I also feel that since she has interaction with other dogs on a daily basis there is nothing at the Dog Beach that would be any different then where we take her now.

Just last night the park we went to had at least twenty dogs running around. James thinks that it would be safer to wait until she is 6 months to take her to any sort of a dog beach. However, I hate the thought of leaving Tink at home when I am going somewhere she is allowed and I know she would have a great time. I of course will ultimately do whatever is best for Tink’s health and I am posting this in hopes of getting advice on what to do.

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