About Frenchie Tink

Frenchie Tink is a website we started to share our experiences in raising our very own first French Bulldog. Besides loving her to death and wanting to share her cute face with the world we want to offer a place for perspective and current owners to go to receive tips, advice, and maybe even share some tips of their own. We are by no means French Bulldog breed experts nor do we claim to have any stake in the AKC we are just a loving couple anxious to welcome a new frenchie into our home. Since we started this site before Tink was old enough to join our happy home, this site will take you from the beginning of Tink’s life sharing pictures of her that were taken before we even knew her.

Now that you know what this site is about you may still be asking yourself “What is a FrenchieTink?Frenchie Tink is our French Bulldog Tinkerbelle, Frenchie is a common name used to refer to a French Bulldog and Tink is the name that was given to our little frenchie by the breeder’s young daughter. We loved the name so much we decided to keep it plus she just looked like a Tink.

We hope this site will be a great resource for training, pet supplies, pet stores and whatever else we may have missed. This site is a work in process and were always open to new ideas to make this site better so please check back periodically for new updates and postings and feel free to provide suggestions that can make FrenchieTink.com your favorite French Bulldog Website.